Pressure Vessel ( From 750L to 5000 L )

The DL Series replaceable bladder tanks represent an effective alternative for installation in plants with high water contents which conventionally us traditional tanks with any bladder or install series of small tanks.

Installation of DL series Tanks allow therefore considerable cost savings for installation and maintenance.

The DL Series is equipped with an exclusively designed bladder which work without mechanical stress even in high pressure conditions or an air cushion leak, thus ensuring an almost unlimited bladder life.

- Working temperature from -10 to 99 degree C

- Water and Air completely separated https://www.top-replicas.com/

- Water completely separated from metal parts of the tank.

- Counterflange with Top-Pro treatment

- Stainless Steel Counterflange for Flushing Water usage is also available 

- Maximum working pressure up to 16 bar